Remixing the mental health paradigm


Tomás is a leading social entrepreneur whose dedicated his career to helping youth achieve wellbeing. He is a pioneer of Hip-Hop Therapy, an innovative approach that combines Hip-Hop expression with proven therapeutic techniques to help youth heal, grow and lead. For his trailblazing work in the field of adolescent mental health Tomás was selected as a CNN Hero, NBC Top 20 Latino Innovator, lifetime Ashoka Fellow and Stanford University SEERS Fellow.

Tomás’ dedication to help youth transcend their mental health challenges has been driven by a core belief: all youth regardless of their zip code are at-promise, not at-risk. This belief underscores Tomás’ approach to mental health care that builds upon the strengths of youth and empowers them to become change makers in their community and beyond.

As a published author and passionate speaker Tomás enjoys sharing his bold vision for a new mental health paradigm for youth. He’s been featured on several major media outlets and spoken at some of the top conferences, universities, organizations and companies across North America.